Transform you Canadian Landscape to a tropical oasis.

In Canada, we have been conditioned to believe that our landscape options consist of meager arctic vegetation, evergreens and native deciduous trees. So each spring we flock to our local big box stores and gobble up, at expensive prices, the "same old" plant and flower material that is provided. Drive down any subdivision in Canada and you see all the same plants, trees and shrubs, many with the Big Box Store sales tag still on.

XLB Palm Trees, Canada's largest full service provider of exotic palms and tropicals, is excited to illustrate that in many parts of Canada, we can grow many tropical and Mediterranean plants for 6-8 months of the year. 

Our warm and long spring/summer and early fall days allow many varieties of cold hardy palms to thrive in our climates from Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, interior BC, Vancouver/Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

Our cold hardy champion is the Windmill Palm (Trachycarpus Fortunei) that thrives in Southwest BC. This palm can withstand temperatures for short periods down to -15 C. 

Windmilll Palm  

Other cold hardy palms are the European Fan Palm, Sabal Minor, Butia Capitata, Sabal Palmetto, Needle Palm, Mazari Palm, Chilean Wine Palm, Canary Island Date palm, Mule palm and the Chinese Fan palm.  


So what happens come November, December, January and February?

Depending on the size of the palms you have, you can bring them inside, store them in your heated garage, have them stored in our XLB Palm Trees Greenhouse.  

Or you can winterize them using a thermal box frame that will provide your palms with above freezing conditions during the coldest months.

You can tropify your backyard and create that "Miami or Mediterranean" look that will be your oasis. 

Call us today for more information. Our dedicated team will help design your tropical landscape and install this spring.




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